switch on cu300 classic

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switch on cu300 classic

PostPosted by mmcu300classic » Thu Dec 05, 2013 4:16 pm

I have a mm cu 300 classic, 2003 model, switch problem. this machine has three switches on panel plus the kill switch. the one on top left, i think its the starter switch, anyway its the one
that starts the machine, on/off switch i call it. Well when you turn power on with the switch at lower right, the machine starts buzzing,power coming, then you select which part of machine
you want to use, saw, planer, ect. then you turn the switch to the on position with switch at top left. this is the switch which is giving me trouble. machine wii not start. SO I took electrical
panel off, man there is a bunch of wires in there. when i took the rotary part of switch thats on the front off, it seems like the center part where the handle attaches is loose. now that i have
said all that my question is, is this a two part switch and can you buy them separately? looked up switch number thru Siemens and the switch they show doesn't look like the one on my machine.
one # on switch is 3rv1021-4da10 and there is another # on it 3rv1902-1af0. any help would be appreciated. THANKS, Logan
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Re: switch on cu300 classic

PostPosted by Correy Smith » Sat Dec 07, 2013 3:59 am

yeah, parts change frequently it seems. I can not comment on your troubles but seimens was pretty helpful troubleshooting my electronics earlier this year in a different machine. They "don't normally take calls from consumers but"...... went a long way. I think I called the number with the International office and slipped thru to tech support. I went under the pretense of finding a local distributor once my trouble was identified. They were great guys.
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