New Photo Gallery Feature

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New Photo Gallery Feature

PostPosted by Administrator » Wed Oct 16, 2013 5:33 pm

Hello Everyone, this Forum format doesn't really allow for personal galleries it seems. I am checking in to a plug in or some way to support one similar to the one on MMOG and FOG.
But what I can do for now is make sub- forums under the Photo Gallery forum in the name of the member who wishes for a gallery. Then I can give exclusive permission to that user to post. This way you separate albums as topics under your own "forum" heading". This should work. But please keep images down to about 500k or less I believe there is a limit on max file storage. I will check on that as well. We will leave this general thread going here for us to report issue with pics,controls, etc. Ask for a gallery here or PM me. Thanks enjoy.
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