Hat's off to Correy-

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Hat's off to Correy-

PostPosted by red » Sun Oct 06, 2013 7:33 pm

Hi Correy

Thanks for putting this website up. You clearly have to much time on your hands! LOL There is a lot to be had on a forum where different vendors can be compared. I've had a great experience with the particular Felder tools I've acquired but also MiniMax and many others, euro or not! Over the last half dozen years, it's been tough finding good information about all the choices. In many cases the difference between OEM vendors is very significant but in others it had more to do with a specific use profile or experience. So my hat's off. Many times I'd like to contribute
to a discussion, but without a picture to reference, it's the La'Brae Tar Pit of engineering to try to describe even a simple calibration or process short cut without a picture. An Italian
friend of mine said if you tie his hands down, he can't talk! Sort of like that. But if i can snap and send a smart phone picture it will be great.

There are many folks who post their dissatisfaction and problem with the Yahoo hosted web sites on those sites. No doubt Yahoo will discover they need much better hosting.
There is so much information it is free. What isn't free is "attention", getting folks engaged e.g. Google, Twitter & Facebook. I'm glad to see how this site does. Just being able to put up pictures will be a great benefit. I haven't looked here to see what are the (your) choices to archive picture or video rich information. There is also a deep issue around just organizing previous posts on any particular topic. I wondered why web sites don't make more use of UTube. Lately I've been able to find a bunch of great shot UTube posts by Brian Lamb who has contributed so much to the FOG forum. I really appreciate his role and contribution as well as other stalwarts I've had a chance to meet on the FOG, including my own neighbors and folks I'd I'd never have met otherwise. I'd hope for a rich interplay here between folks on the MiniMax-USA, Felder-Woodworking and other forums. A few folks contribute amazingly to both. Hats off to all those guys as well!
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